[BUS/MAP] Project Oxford

  • Some of you here might already be familiar with the OMSI modding scene, some might not. I've been working on an OMSI map and a few buses for the last 2 years, and now that LOTUS has popped along, I've decided to port over all my work to LOTUS, hopefully in time for the streets module. Currently there is very little viewable progress in LOTUS, since I'm steadily getting to grips with the editor, but you're welcome to view my old OMSI screenshots on the facebook page. I've already started to create some of the basic assets for the map, starting with some fences.

    My plan is as follows:

    Initial Release - 1.0 - Release: TBA

    Routes: 3

    • Park and Ride - 300 - Redbridge <> City Centre
    • Express - X3 - City Centre <> Abingdon // Oxford Train Station <> Abingdon
    • Inter-urban - 35 - City Centre <> Abingdon via Kennington & Radley

    Buses: 3

    • Wrightbus Streetdeck - Lowheight
    • Wrightbus Gemini 2 B5LH - Lowheight
    • Alexander Dennis Enviro 40H - Lowheight

    Second Release - 1.1 - Release: TBA

    Additional routes: 4

    • Express - X13 - John Radcliffe Hospital <> Abingdon
    • Inter-urban - 4 - City Centre <> Abingdon via Wooton & Cumnor
    • Urban - 5 - City Centre <> Blackbird Leys
    • Park and Ride - 300 - City Centre <> Pear Tree
    • Park and Ride - 400 - City Centre <> Thornhill

    Buses: 2

    • Mercedes Benz Citaro O530 - OM906hLA - Facelift + Non facelift (ZF)

    Who will be taking part in this project?
    I am currently working with a few people to churn out models for various buses, in the hope to make buses alot quicker, and easier in the future. I am unsure if they want their names added here, but they will be added if they wish to be known.

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