MakingLines Productions - Blackpool and other Projects.

  • MakingLines Productions is formed 3 UK Omsi modders which consist of me, Mystic Greg and DanielC25C. We are quite experienced in creating mods for OMSI and we have a few projects planned as a group for LOTUS.


    Blackpool is a seaside resort in North England. Renowned for its Tower, Pier, Amusement park, Fish and Chips and it's tourism. Our Plan is to create a Blackpool that is set in 2018 and then have an additional map that will be backdated to 2008. We are planning to create a few trams for the route and a bus later on.

    The Route

    Our main focus is the tram route between Fleetwood and Star Gate and we are planning to build the extension to Blackpool North Station. And a few bus routes surrounding the tram route. The Main Tram route follows the promenade between Starr Gate and Little Bispham going past some of Blackpool famous attractions including Blackpool Tower and the Pier. We have started on the road/tram layout however there nothing much to show at this moment in time.

    A map of Blackpool Tram and Bus Network: https://images.blackpooltransp…sport%20Network%20Map.pdf

    The Trams

    The Blackpool Tram Network was heavily modernised between 2011 and 2012. Which led to the retirement to a majority of older tram fleet. Therefore to create several trams including the Flexity 2, The Centenary Trams built by East Lancs as well as the Iconic Balloon and Jubilee Double Decker trams as well as the Modernised version of the Balloon Tram (

    Work In Progress.

    UK Asset Pack

    The UK Asset Pack was originally planned for OMSI and used the UK Assets pack that was available on the Unity Asset Store However i've started converting the objects to LOTUS as well. I have made a few improvements to the original objects. Which include realistic branding and some texture changes. Hopefully we will be able to release the pack soon on the Workshop.

  • Love it!

    It'd be nice to see the first UK map for LOTUS! :D

    While we're practicing the map editor so we can show off a decent screenshot of that part of our plans, I've started work on Jubilee Car 761, another of the old trams that used to run before the modernisation upgrade and Flexitys.

    It'll also be really lovely to see the first double deck tram in LOTUS! Looks very very nice! :D

    Weird sidenote: To me, both of these tram's lights look like a bus's taillights... don't know why lol xD

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