BKVT type V - vintage tram from Budapest

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    Vehicle - Real tram car

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    BKVT type V

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    Bzmot332 (me)


    This type of trams were made in Hungary in 1912 with wooden chasiss. Later in the late 1950's they were refurbished with steel structures on their own steel undercarriege.

    These trams were really the part of the sight of Budapest (capital of Hungary) through many decades, therefore making them really special to lots of tram fans.

    I'd ask everybody who tries this tram, please read the README, because the operation of this tram is unique, since it differs pretty much from the GTN.


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    Vintage Budapest tram type V (no. 1000)

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  • Janine

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  • I added RC scripts to the tram. I tested it, it works as planned. The tram moves, the doors move, they have sounds. There are motor, flange and run sounds, the lights are working as well.