Global FOV-slider and other view options

  • Hi.

    After playing several simulators, I have learned that field of view(FOV) and viewing angles/options in the cab is very important to get the best immersion and realistic experience.

    So I like to air some of my thoughts and suggestions for how these options can affect the experience.

    I like to use OMSI 2 as a reference, since that is the simulator you have made and also the simulator that I have most experience with.

    I am not sure if I'm going to call it FOV in reference to OMSI, since the parameter for adjusting how wide you can see, also affects the zoom level in OMSI.

    In my humble opinion, this is not the best way to adjust how much you can see since zooming have the drawback of also affecting the sense of speed.

    Now, I do not know how LOTUS will do this, nor if it will be adjustable. But I like to point out that a separate FOV options is a superior options than a zooming functions if wider view is the goal.

    In OMSI, all this was per vehicle. I would like to see this to be more of a global option to streamline the experience from vehicle to vehicle.:)

    In OMSI, I really like how easy it was to look left and right with the arrow keys. Also a really good thing about that, is that it remembers where the last camera angle was adjusted to. I really hope this will be the same for LOTUS. As per now, there is no such use of the arrow keys in the drivers view.

    Thanks for reading.:)

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