BHÉV MII (suburban train)

  • I almost finished the scripts, finally the batteries and the remote control work (so more locos can be driven from one car).

    I quickly made the matching carriage car (type P III.) to make an entire train for testing purposes:


    I still need to make the B cockpit and some minor stuff, but there's not much left ;)

  • Yes really. Unluckily there seems nobody to care about it, like a club that will repair it. Like some museums/ clubs in Germany, where people who like trains gather together and repair the trains and so on and might have a museum.

  • This train is in an enclosed area at one of the suburban railway remises, as you can see here (nearly at the bottom of the page).

    It looks pretty bad, but at least it's parts are not stolen and it's not tagged (Hampage did these photos about 10 years ago, I made mine a few days ago, and as you can see, it's condition didn't get worse since then). At this place there are trains that will someday be renovated, it's just the transport company doesn't have that much money to refurbish everything. At least this particular car exists.

    By the way, the former owner of the car (the Budapest Transport Company, BKV) renovate a lot of trams these years, and the actual owner (Hungarian State Railways, MÁV) also tries to maintan the old cars (as you can see here).

  • I got to photoshop the textures a bit and modell the still-missing parts (emergency brake and stuff like that).


    I'm definitely satisfied with the results, it looks much better (or at least more realistic) like this.