Asking for new filters in Content Tool (manufacturer, operator, etc.)

  • Hi!

    I remembered something like we have to send PM to Janine to ask for filters, but probably I remembered wrong, since she cannot be added in conversations, so...
    Dear Janine ,

    I'd like to ask for a few transport company and factory filters etc. used in the content tool for actual and future-built projects.

    [area]: Budapest

    [manufacturer]: MÁVAG, Gép- és Vasútfelszerelési Gyár

    [real name]: type V, type M II, type P III, type L VII, type EP, type S

    [operator]: BKV, BKVT, BVVV, BHÉV, BSzKRT

    I know some of them has non-english letters (Á, É, Ú but at least not Ő, Ű), but I hope LOTUS can support UTF-8 characters.

  • I think that is no problem. But I am currently on vacation, push your thread again next Sunday please - or whenever you might think of it again. :)


  • Dear Janine , could you please include the values I asked for? Also, could you please allow my 2 commentary threads in the Commentary area?

  • [area]: Budapest

    [manufacturer]: MÁVAG, Gép- és Vasútfelszerelési Gyár

    Added - arriving with next patch. :)

    [real name]: type V, type M II, type P III, type L VII, type EP, type S

    Real names are intended to provide a quick look and find for vehicles that are less known with their "real" model number, but widely known with their nickname oder short name. Your type list does not look like it ?/ How are those names connected with your models?

    [operator]: BKV, BKVT, BVVV, BHÉV, BSzKRT

    Since I am not used to the Budapest operators, I have to ask: Which are important, which are the ones a player would search for in search for your vehicles?

  • Oh, I thought the real name is for the type number. Then I'll only need "Ezres" as [real name] since the other ones didn't really had nicknames.

    The [operators] I listed (except BKV) are old companies that are not exist anymore. BKV is the present one, BHÉV was the old suburban railway company, these two are important for my actual vehicles. The other ones are companies for future projects of mine (old trams mostly).

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