Question about Triggers and Map Editor performance

  • Hi guys!

    1. I was trying out the new triggers and signals but I could not find out the following. When a vehicle drives over a trigger I want the trafficlight to switch to green. How do I do that? The Lexicon did not help me / Could not help me.

    2. I'm planning to get a new PC later this year. At this moment my 4 core I5 4690 is bottlenecking when using games and performance hungry programs. When getting a 6/8 or 12 core CPU will the game map editor performance increase as well? At this moment it is 20 FPS or worse all time. Having less then 10 is 70% of the time right now. Would a 8 core increase the performance?

    3. If question 2 is negative then I have the following suggestion. When the map editor has started up it's performance is rather good, 60 fps. That is because it has not loaded a lot of tiles. If the program loads and loads it is getting more and more laggy, because it is loading a awful lot of things. It loads 110 tiles. Would it be a good option to limit the tiles in the map editor to 3x3 for example. I think performance will be massively increased.

    Thanks in advance.

    FPS When loaded almost no tiles:

    FPS When All Tiles are loaded:

  • I cant answer questions 2 and 3, because i dont really know anything about that. But for your first question, the answer is easy. At this point the triggers only can be used for the switches and not for the traffic lights, but I think that will come not too far away.

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