Editor Aerial Map

  • Hello,
    I have a problem with the use of the aerial mod. I have yet to enter a correct link which is :

    with a correct api key : AIzaSyB3YzIkp**...

    On browser my link works well but impossible to load the map on the editor.
    The format is in jpeg.
    I tried to delete the cache folder multiple times.
    But I still have "still loading".

    I also try "bing" but the satellite image is offset from the map provided directly in the editor. So i can't work with this.

    Sorry for my English I am French.

    Merci d'avance !

    Thank you in advance for your answer !

    • Windows (64bit)
    • i7 4770k
    • 16 gb
    • HDD 1to
    • GTX 750ti
    • 2gb
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