So it begins...

  • Dear ones,

    as promised, the public beta test of the multiplayer starts today, on the first birthday of the LOTUS-EA. For this purpose all players will be activated between 18 and 19 o'clock. :)

    As is so inherent in the multiplayer, it has been a great team achievement in recent weeks until today. 12 players have agreed to test the already existing functions of the multiplayer for weeks. Most of the recently fixed bugs are on their own. ;)

    Today about 30 players volunteered for the very last tests and finally found out: We can get started! So we did that. The important thing is: It's a beta test! The multiplayer is NOT finished (it lacks the complete implementation of the companies, it lacks the control center, radio - and certainly you will find more). I'll try that the smaller features and bugfixes come along quickly. Nevertheless: We think (hope) that you will have a lot of fun with each other now. :)

    Today's surprises from the team:

    Yufa has worked many hours and made an alternative map to the Diorama fit for the multiplayer. On this map even large groups should find enough space. This map was also prepared for you together with the multiplayer beta testers.

    gt670dn and Steven3233 have createda tutorial for the multiplayer, which should make the first steps easier for you. It's German.

    darkrai has prepared our discord server for you (voice and text chat for your ride together) and will take part in some trips today and stream them live. So if you want to be on TV, you should stick to him. :D

    In addition, everyone who is already familiar with multiplayer will accompany you throughout the evening and stand by you so that you "get through" well. :)

    We wish you a lot of fun and are quite excited.

    Best regards

    Janine and all who keep their fingers crossed.

    :lotus: :manocornuta: