Using scenery objects/splines from other maps

  • Hi all,

    I don't know if anyone has already asked this, but I've never downloaded maps created by other users, and I want to know if the scenery objects and splines that were made specifically for those maps can also be shown in the editor and consequently used for my map.

    Thank you

  • If you download the maps then yes, you can use the objects.

    There are two options commonly. One, the developer of the map uploads the map files with the sceneryobjects, then you have to download it all (that's rare). The more common is that the map developer uploads the sceneryobjects in an individual package , then you only have to download the sceneryobjects.

    Though I have to mention there are not that many sceneryobject makers, only a few. Most people can't model or I don't know, but they usually build from default objetcs and the few "addon" packages.

    (BTW you can download packages via steam, in the LOTUS workshop, by subscribing to an item.)