Repaints for workshop items - possible to "extract" textures?

  • Is it only possible to repaint vehicles if we get the repaint template or can we somehow extract the textures from the lotus game packages for workshop items? Like for example in SCSSoftware games you can open the .scs packages with any archiving tool (winrar, 7z etc)


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  • In LOTUS the developer has to make the vehicle repaintable. So eg. if I don't want my stuff to be modded by anyone else, I won't make it like that and noone can make repaints, add modules...etc. I guess if someone makes his/her tram repaintable, he/she uploads a template somewhere.

    But I'm 100% sure you won't be able to extract anything from packages. That's the whole point of this method instead of the one in OMSI (just copying folders).