Suggestion: No voltage trigger

  • Если речь о том, что я думаю, то трамвайно-троллейбусное пересечение будет. По поводу искры, по приезду из Самары подниму эту тему.

    If we are talking about what I think, then there will be a tram-trolleybus intersection. Regarding the spark, upon arrival from Samara I will raise this topic.

  • By the way, I forgot about that topic. How will the tram pantograph crossing with the trolleybus be realized? It's just that in Russia we have special devices (a special part in the future), where "there are holes" for the passage of trolleybus rods. That is, the tram wire goes from the top, and the tram pantograph on the special part. There is a video in the first message, I hope that the tram pantograph will pass the crossing normally? Won't the trolleybus bar hit the invisible tram wire?

  • I don't think at the moment there's any trigger for that. I mean there should be a trigger FROM the map TO THE vehicle (the opposite direction would be the RC controller switches). I think it will be added later. Just like different sounds on different kinds of rails...etc.