Tram Munich Support

  • Yes, for about 2 days now. Finally :)

    i've got something that is not related to this issue, but don't know where to put it in the forum. In the munchen map, when driving the new tram, the blue one, when i arrive at sentlinger tor (so the final stop) normally it should switch from line, from line 27 (that i just drove) to line 28. The problem is, thats not changing every time, so what happens is, is that i can't stop the tram, it just keep speeding up, when i apply the brake, the brake light comes on, but it doesn't want to slow down or brake at all! And than when it can't brake, i keep hearing the sound it makes when switching from destination. I mean on the computer board at the back of the tram, and it keeps going, and going. Can you please fix this issue, its very, very annoying. Sorry for my bad english. I hope you wil fix this issue. Thank you in advance

  • Can you please fix this issue, its very, very annoying

    Tram München is a third party add-on, there is no support provided for it here.

    Ich hab mir zu Weihnachten gewünscht, das die Leute das lesen lernen würden. Ich wurde enttäuscht. :(

  • so you're telling me that the developers of lotus didn't make that dlc? Weird

    it‘s very common that third party developers offer DLC‘s, especially in the Simulation genre. In the Flightsimulator genre you will find hundreds of developers with thousands of add-ons, all for just one Simulator. Even Train simulator has a few hundred add-ons...