Searching for an optimal setup for LOTUS and not failing when buying!

  • So, I'm searching a graphics card with the best quality/price, because I can't pay too much for it. I can't play LOTUS in my main computer because it has only the integrated intel graphics, so it's insufficient.

    My current PC-compatible setup is:

    CPU: i7-3770k 3.5GHz

    RAM is 4GB, I think pretty low for "modern standards"

    dedicated GPU: none

    The logic board has a B75 chipset... low profile I think too...

    Friends said me that the Nvidia 1060 is pretty nice and it runs very well, the 3GB one. But for LOTUS, is it enough?

    Upgrading the RAM to 8GB is sufficient?

    Chipset matters?

    I'm developing a train and a line for LOTUS but first I need it to work finely! :'D

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Frank Rodriguez

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