Fok-Gyem display fonts upload to LOTUS Database

  • Hi,

    I would like to uplode my Fok-Gyem display's fonts(their original files) to the LOTUS database if it is possible. The container include a lot of vehciles' dispaly fonts(Ikarus 260, Ikarus 260&280 "silver arrows", Ikarus-GVM 280T, Ikarus 412T, Ikarus 415, Ikarus 435, Ikarus 435T, Ikarus 280, Ikarus 280 "Gyros", Ikarus 405, Ikarus 412, Ikarus 411T, Metrovagonmas 81-717 2M ("vízipók"), Metrovagonmas EVa ("barbi"), Tatra T5C5K(2) ("Kátra"), Ikarus 263GT, Ikarus 263 and those Fok-Gyem displays, which you can see in Hungary at the some train stations(for is example in West Railway Station or Nyugati pályaudvar). This pack include the oroginal controller's fonts(with underground, trolley and bus controllers). In this upload you can see the FUTÁR controllered fonts and the Fok-Gyem controller controllered fonts.