Daewoo Bus Project

  • Type of project: Bus

    Name of project: Daewoo Bus Project

    Involved persons: Hwijin Lee (Taehwa AR Team)


    South Korean's DAEWOO BUS making project is now started.

    I'm preparing translate omsi's script to pascal language and sound works.

    Also I'm continuing baking works which started from development float from omsi.

    I'm Very impressed with Lotus's lighting / shadow system, and it motivated me to transfer from omsi to Lotus.

    And this will contain:

    Daewoo BS Lineup (BS090, BS106, BS110(CN), BS120CN)

    Daewoo FX Lineup (FX116, FX120, FX212)

    Daewoo BX Lineup (BX212, BX212M)

    SSanyong Transtar

    Thanks for reading.

    Pictures/videos (at least 1!):

    My first work of import X3D File.

  • Hey! You are that Korean author that had problems with people reuploading your buses withour your permission right?

    Unofficial LOTUS tester

  • I’m always been very curious about South Korea and his buses, so thank you very much for creating those interesting models!

    The buses will be all LHD right?

  • Yes Fabio because buses there are all LHD as well as trams ( Tatra trams) so Korea's Daewoo produced LHD vehicles only.

    Unofficial LOTUS tester