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    I wish to ask the author(s) of the LOTUS. As I'm attracted by city Berlin and BVG- what is the old font used by BVG for numbers of the busses also for the signs (Rollband as MAN SD202 and Mercedes O305)? And from where I can find it? As I'm bus driver I wish to use it for my bus when I need paper signs. Thank you very much in advance!!!

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  • There are different variants of this font because it has been reworked over time, which is quite obvious for the glyphs for 6, 9, t, a when you compare signs from the 50s with signs from later decades. The BVG rollsigns are from 70s, 80s, and 90s but that doesn't mean the manufacturer always used the latest font version available at that time. The only thing you can do is google. There's one free download of an old version of the Mittelschrift (i.e. regular typeface) made by Peter Wiegel available from his website that I found quickly: http://www.peter-wiegel.de/alteDin1451.html (download link is in top left corner).

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