The Game is way Overpriced.

  • The game is way to overpriced for it's current state €40 euro just for the base of the game (Alpha) then if you want to get a addon it's another €40.

    It might be worth that when the game is fully developed and leaves the Alpha stage however as of right now it's not worth that it's just damaging the image of the game itself as it's putting the game into Mostly negative reviews according to steam.

    Also would be nice if there was a tutorial planned.

  • 1.) Why isn't the game cheaper since it is in EA?

    --> We do not want to encourage people to get the game because it's cheaper for a period of time, since the game currently lacks gameplay and the purchase decision by the player should be an actively considered decision and not a price-driven decision.

    2.) Tutorial

    --> Have a look in the tutorial section, Youtube videos and the LOTUS lexicon. If there are still questions, ask us in our (<this>) forum.

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