Looking for parts from a MAN NG202 / 272 SD 202

  • I am finally getting back to building my bus drivers workplace again,
    It is based on the MAN NG272 from omsi2.. i am crossing my fingers the omsi buses can be released to lotus one day.

    I purchased most of my parts from a bus scrapyard called Homburg und Sohn, but i can no longer seem to contact him, emails bounce and his websites messaging system doesn't seem to work.

    So i was wondering if anyone either had any parts that i need that they can sell me, or know of a bus scrap yard that has the parts in (now the uk has stupidly left the eu, i might have more troubles buying parts from Germany and having them shipped to the UK :(

    The part that i need desperately is the 'steering column adjuster, or holder' the german word i believe is "Lenksäulenhalter" or possibly "Lenkversteller"

    Here is a picture of the part i need:

    I have the actual steering column, it has the 2 knobs, the left hand one as shown in that photo adjusts the steering wheel height... that is built into the column i have, but the knob on the right hand side would interact with something inside that part in the photo, and allow the steering column to tilt towards or away from the driver.

    I also need a Dreiha heating controller, ideally just the front panel with switches, as i would be interfacing this with an arduino.

    A microphone / announcements foot switch, the metal foot pedal style one.

    An air brake pressure gauge, the 2 needle one as used in the VöV dashboards.

    And some more parts, but the steering column adjuster is needed really badly :)

  • Oh yes, that's who i used to buy my stuff from,

    But his email is not working any more, i even tried the contact form on his website, and that didn't seem to work either :(

    Thank you for the shipping proxy offer, it is so nice to be back in the helpful friendly simulator community :)

  • nice one :thumbsup:

    i've used their websites contact form to ask them if they have the part i need, they have photo's of lots of steering wheels and columns, so they should have the steering column holder too.

  • I don't seem to have got a reply from them :(
    i've used their web form, and sent a direct email,

    I'll give it a few more days, as they might be busy, and i did send the email only 3 days ago.

  • ...and I got a first response. I stole and translated your description, will tell you the results, if I get any. ;)

  • thankyou very much,

    fingers crossed i can find this part,

    it shouldn't be hard to get really, just in england our buses are very different, no standards like Germany has, so every bus model has a totally different dashboard layout.

  • I have discovered the part number for the column bracket is : 81464405073

    Alternative part numbers are:






    i also need the plastic cover (Lenksäulenverkleidung) that hides this assembly which is shown in the picture in my original post, i have not found the part number for that yet.

    This is the steering column bracket i need, just the part sticking out to the left :

    Searching for those part numbers finds loads of them in russia, but i need one in Germany ideally.

  • Woooo, Kohandel bus are talking to me via .ebay-kleinanzeigen ^^

    Hopefully i can get the parts i need to complete my FAP.

    I have also located some parts in Poland, one seller will not ship to the uk, he may ship only to someone in poland :( but the part he has is a really good price, especially for something that i will be modifying to make work with the bus simulator.

    And one person may have the complete steering column, again in poland, he said he will ship it, but i and dreading how much shipping will cost for such a heavy and bulky part.

    So if Kohandel bus can sell me just the steering column bracket for a good price, i will get everything from them,

    i'm looking for a ticket validator too, i'd love to be able to connect it up to the computer so it changes it's stamper in time with the simulator, but i've been told they weigh 30KG !!! so shipping alone on that will be very expensive, not to mention the one kohandel has costs 175 euro's :omg:

    I think i will be spending a lot of money for these last few parts.

  • And it looks like they have everything i need, including the 'little things' i don't 'need' but want, like an interior display and a ticket validator,

    i dread to think what the shipping costs will be,