Korea/Japan Middle size EMU Project

  • Type of project: City Train(Subway, Intercity Train)

    Name of project: Korea/Japan Middle size EMU Project

    Involved persons: Hwijin Lee (Taehwa AR Team)


    Busan Subway 1000 series (South Korea) & Keikyu 1500 series (Tokyo, Japan) Train car.

    These EMUs are have same motor, same gear box so they have same sound.

    And They have same size of the car, same gauge(1435).

    These cars will used at bigger Lotus-korean project.

    Maybe there are some difference compare with real cars, which help more helpful when playing LOTUS.

    ex. door location is different by reality, they will have same dashboard.

    And I wonder there are railway signal system at Lotus. I and my colleague want to make ATS/ATC system, and we hope These are possible at Lotus.

    3D Modeling Is almost Ready, and I did not put at lotus yet. maybe I think It will take less time compare to Bus...

    Thanks for reading.

    Pictures/videos :

  • This looks really REALLY good. I never knew they made a Korean variant. Now i want to see them in . I wish you the best of luck! :D

    Unofficial LOTUS tester