Graphic glitches

  • Hi! I've been using Lotus for some time now, and I think I got to know the simulator from the user's point of view. I think I have the optimal settings now (Munich DLC is fluent, Dusseldorf DLC is OMSI-fluent, so like 20-30 FPS, moderate lag at Sonnenburg) and everything works as expected, yet today... :D

    I did a quick trip at Dusseldorf, Alt+Tab'ed for a couple of minutes, then got back and some funny glitches occured (see pics). I know early access and stuff, so no "repair this right now" demands from me, just have a look. Maybe there's something into that?

    The thing next to the first door is a passenger trying to get into the tram:

    He(?) got on the tram struggling to animate

    Some other glitches were font related:

    guess there are some parks on the way to Krefeld

    Other things, that I forgot to screenshot were badly highlited trees (no light at all, the model was correct, but the tree was all black), or the opposite - the "tree" was green, but the model was "spiky", as if every branch or a leaf was substituted by a triangle or a box.

    Here is my logfile:


    and the specs:

    System information:

    • Windows 10 64-bit
    • Intel Xeon E5-2640v3 @3.40GHz
    • 8-core
    • 32GB DDR4 (2x16GB)
    • SSD drive
    • Desktop
    • XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS OC++
    • 8 GB
    • OpenGL-Version: 4.6.14757

    I hope this helps in the development somehow!

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  • They've stayed until I closed the sim. I've decided to continue going for a while after noticing the glitch to see if there will be some crash or if there would be more glitches, but no. Every "kachel" loaded had the same issues, the performance was normal and everything worked, just looking weirdly.

    BTW can you see the images? They appear to me only as text with the IMG tags written, and I can't figure how to make them work - there is no picture upload button in the bar above.

  • Aaaaand it's me again :P
    I think there's a texture utilisation problem, since some more glitches have occured, that weren't the case before around Christmas. I remember driving around Munich DLC (I know it isn't supported, but it's most likely Lotus' problem) for maybe 2 hours without any issues, and now after one or two trips everything is a mess. The sim is "panic" loading textures and objects in places where I wouldn't expect it (i.e. Karolinenpl. -> Elisabethpl., everytime I leave the stop, the "panic-loading" occurs when arriving at the next one).

    Notice the passenger near the 2nd door (they are unanimated objects) and the advertisement boards, they seem to have "out-of-memoried".

    The tracks (but only this particular spline model) have also been affected.

    There's also something weird with the lighting (or texture loading). Look at the tracks in the distance, they are pink. Also the sidewalk on the left (look behind the cars) is changing color when coming close - it's much brighter in the distance, and looks completely normal from nearby, yet that might just be on ViewApp's modelling side, since we don't know how these splines were textured and if they have LOD.

    I've checked memory utilisation - there's 16% load from the RAM (recently updated to 64GB), so Lotus is using a little more than 10GB's of RAM, and the GPU load is at around 90%, using 7,2GB's of the GPU's 8GB. The question is how are four houses, around 20 static cars, a bush spline, a couple of trees and a tram using 7,2GB of graphic memory? Lotus seems not to dump unused textures and still "remember" Karlspl. area, despite it being at the other end of the map. Why is so much RAM used as well? 10GB's is really a lot and there's very little on the screen for the price of that much memory.

    Is there some kind of benchmark I could run so you'd know better how the sim handles?

    The log does complain about mipmaps, yet it wasn't the case when I started the simulation:


  • I'm pretty sure the problem won't occur at Diorama, and there is already a report of such bugs at supported addon as well. I just thought that maybe the devs would like to know that the problem occurs 1) at different maps, so it's not the map's problem; 2) in various conditions, so not only when the performance-heavy AI people and animated cars are loaded, but also only when a couple of objects, a few splines, a vehicle and some scripts are loaded. That might lead to thinking there's something wrong with the sim itself.

    However, if you insist...

    The "panic-loading" begins!

    Notice how drawing this many objects is eating up a whopping 7525MB of graphic memory! Also welcome the pink spline textures on the horizon.

    Processor? - bored. GPU? - uninterested. RAM? - not even awake. Lotus? - lost in translation.

    Logfile - no mipmap errors this time.

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