Too much emphasis on german (discussions, blogs etc).....again

  • I would suggest (for the future) that you actually first write things in English and after translate to German. Most German speakers should be able to understand English, but most people understanding English (since that is already their secondary language) won't understand German.

    Once again I'm seeing that you guys are stepping into the same mistake hole as OMSI (to this date, most of the content in OMSI is from german creators or creators who understand german, because 90% of disscussions in the official forums were in german), too much stuff is in German only (most of the forum posts, blog posts) or incase of your mixed language posts german is always the first one, but realistically the international language should be first and any other language following it.

    (PS: Already I'm seeing even official tips/hints to problems on the forums that area only in German)


    A virtual bus & trucking company.

  • I kindly ask to all Germans in the community to actually start posting content/discussions mainly in English. I do get it is in your comfort zone, but please, you are turning this once again into German only community and pushing players from the rest of the world away to other inofficial sources (OMSI official community is great example of this bad habit). Yes, we English speakers (or people like me who have it as secondary language) can use Google Translate, but in half of the cases half of the text will be lost or translated incorrectly.


    A virtual bus & trucking company.

  • german is always the first one

    I hope is it okay for you that we OF COURSE write the information in our mother tongue at first. There are plenty of great working tools that translate information perfectly from any language into your own.

    german is always the first one

    The game and the tools are completely translated. That is our main topic. The information in the lexicon is important, but secondary. It costs a shitload of time to write those articles in German. You can use translation tools and we translate the information from important to unimportant when we have the time to do so. That seems quite fair to me, since anybody already has access to every information written there.

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