How about getting this community at least a bit more international friendly?

  • I think Marvin_0 has made some excellent points, which unfortunately you seem to have ignored and instead just concentrated only on the size issue.

    Size does matter when it comes to languages, however, that's not the point here. The point is that English is (by far) not spoken by everyone in the German world and the LOTUS-Community.

    Another point he made is that Germans like Simulation-games. And I'm sorry to work with clichés here but many of the 7 billion people on earth have other things to worry about than playing LOTUS. Also, most of the content for LOTUS currently available is German (which is why there's fewer players from abroad, which is why there's less content from abroad, and so on).

    But sure, continue to ignore the facts and keep wondering (or it seems you just dont care) why again most of your community is from German speaking countries by justifying that it's only German speaking people who mostly love simulations.

    Nobody is ignoring the issue at hand, however, people are explaining it. This is a key part in resolving the issue of internationalising LOTUS.

    Being offended by people explaining stuff and claiming "discrimination" will, however, not help.

    Deleted the original post as I see I've misused several words/terms and probably I've gone on too defensive. As I'm making more confusion (and derail the post) than be useful due to that (as pointed out English is not my native language also), it's better that I just shut up. Sorry for wasting your time.


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  • You're doing it again. Stop concentrating on the size issue.

    Estonia was (I assume) only mentioned because you seem to be from there, and as a comparison for you to be able to better understand how big the German world is. This is a huge difference in culture and economics, as Marvin pointed out. Nobody claims Estonia to be "unmeaningful" but you. Your interpretation of Marvin's comparison of facts (population) seems to be that small countries aren't meaningful?

    Let's look at the facts here and try to bring the discussion back to topic:

    -Many people are not able to understand German

    -Many people are not able to understand English

    -Many people are not comfortable with writing/speaking English/German.

    -LOTUS's current userbase seems to be mostly German-speakers.

    So what can be done about that?

    -Translating posts into English (as already done by some)

    -Maybe help translating posts for those in need

    -Maybe finding workarounds to problems Woltlab causes

    Other ideas?

  • Please stop mixing up discrimination and domination, okay?!

    A lot of the topics here are in german, because the majority here obviously speaks German!

    Discrimination would be, if users of other languages would be excluded from the game or its community - which is absolutely not the case! The other way around here is the case: if you would make English to be mandatory in this forum, you would left behind all these people who simply don’t unterstand other languages than german. They even will not participate in this thread, for the same reason.

    So please stop with this discrimination nonesense, i may be a Bit sensitive whenever people who are clearly NOT discriminated try to go with this route... this is absolute unfair for everyone out there that is really discriminated for whatever reason!

    Even the developers made clear that English content is very very welcome, and encouraged us to make existing thread available in both languages, translate existing content in English where applicable.

    Is this really what you like to call „discrimination“?! Seriously?!!

  • Wer sich angesprochen fühlt, kann wichtige Texte (Präsentationsthreads, Workshop-Beschreibungen, Readmes) übersetzen. Wer dies tut, erhält die einzigartige Trophäe "Weltenbummler" :attention: .

    Push :-)

  • Hey, just a quick note from my part. I don't speak German, nor English very good, since I learned French since I was small. But I think using Google Translate from German to English is a pretty good option, and I don't think it's a big problem if someone responds in English to a German post. I like however the direction that the users took, and translated the topics to English as well, it's really useful. We won't be able to make every thread available in both (or more) languages, as it's too much for some people , like elder ones, and yes, as said, the market has a big role in game and forum languages, I would love to see French or Hungarian as well, but the community and need isn't big enough to have it on the forum, so please don't have too many needs, the fact, that efforts have been made is already amazing, thanks all! :)

  • For my part, I would have more interest in LOTUS if it was English friendly community. I think it's a shame that it isn't more English here, since the community will probably be more fractured.

    I understand and respect that English isn't the same in Germany as it is in many other countries, so I'm not asking for a change here. I just want to say that I think it could be better with more English.

  • Looking at the spontaneous reaction of many content developers, to offer an english translation of their announcements as a result of this initiative, I believe the situation will improve now.