Timetable got bugged?

  • 1. Please describe as detailed as possible what you did and which problem that leads to.

    Helo there!

    This is a bit hard to explain. I created a perfectly working timetable in the 1.EA.087 Nightly Build version, then updated to the public version of LOTUS when it released (1.EA.090.) and the timetable got corrupted or idk. In game i am able to select every station, but neither has a direction

    And after i made a few other Trips the stations are duplicated a few times, so one station appears 6 or 7 times and no one has a direction.

    The timetable looks like this in the mapeditor:



    And the traffic days:

    Everything seems to be matching but not nothing works properly in-game. Can anyone help with that?

    2. Please post your logfile and if possible attach your debug logfile, as well, which have been created during the problem occured.

  • Hi

    Could you give us more information about the route?
    By the specification '?[T][B]?' it seems that the timetable tool can not clearly assign rail- or road vehicles to your route.This draws from the route over all the further following groups, such as lines, ways and trips.

    Ja äh, hier irgendwas mit Dingen und so...

  • Yes, the 2.
    In the screenshot I marked the protocol box. This displays errors and problems when creating a route.

    It shows that a station can not be assigned to bus or train clearly.

    Please check this station whether the assignment to bus or train is correct.

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  • I have a little problem when i re-check the lines, some line are turned in to the other direction, how can i turn them back?

  • Your link does not represent a direct connection between 2 stations. That is why the arrow directions are ambiguous.

    In general, however, links should only be used if the automatic recognition of routes is not successful.

    But as I said before, your problem is probably with a station. So it's best to check the station I marked first. Everything else is based on it and can lead to subsequent errors.

    Ja äh, hier irgendwas mit Dingen und so...

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