What's the best way to implement a 7 digit display as a speedometer?

  • Hi folks!

    I've been thinking about the question in the title for a while. What I want to achieve is something like this (sorry for the crappy image):

    Since the digits are lit, it cannot be just a simple texture change - either the digits themselves (all the 7+7 ones) are changed or there's a dark texture without lit digits, and another "layer" in front of it, with transparent textures of course. Another way is to model all the numbers (or all the digits separately) and change those from script, but that would be a nightmare to implement, also I don't think it would be very optimized (from the point of LOTUS).

    I think the number model with transparent but lit textures would be the most optimized method, though this way it would use 10+1 textures for both numbers (10 numbers with zero and one empty for shut down speedo).

  • What about creating a custom font for the display? Not sure if the lighting can be handled realistically that way, but surely that would be the most reasonable approach i think.

  • If i understood correctly, the best way to solve your problem is to make your digits as a text-texture and set that texture as a „night texture“ (as night textures basically „glow“) of the mesh. As the main texture of the mesh you can set the same text-texture which you set as night texture. (thats at least how I do it)

    Of course you would have to set up a bitmap font for that, which includes the necessary digits for the text-texture to work. :)

  • Ummm, to be honest I don't really feel like making a whole font from nothing but scratch, position it tenth mm accurately, just to show two numbers...

  • You dont have to make the whole font. You can also just create a font consisting only of those numbers and letters, that u need :) My font for line display only consist of 11 letters (because thats all I need).

    And it‘s not as much work as it sounds like :P

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