Further development of line M1?

  • Hi.

    Now that we just got a promising first part of line M1, I wonder what the plans are for further development and release of M1? In other words, when can we expect something? :D

    I'm sorry if this is answered another place. I haven't found anything by searching.

    Regards :tram::tram:

  • Hey,

    we did not publish a schedule on purpose. :) We will be constantly developing the map.



  • Dear John,

    You dont have to answer like this to all treads on this Forum.
    The Boardsoftware has an realy nice feture, when you like someones answer:

    Its like facebook, you can like some answers so you dont has to answer all postings that you like.

    Unsere Züge fahren immer!

    Deine Feuerwehr.

    Master of Traffic signs

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