French Translation available!

  • I've subscribed it! ;-)

    Thank you.

    When the translation will be complete and the accent problem fixed, could you certificate it as official?

    I mean, put my translation as default when French people download LOTUS, without going manually in the Workshop ^^

  • Will have a look at how to possibly best support this. :)

    Going to create a language section in this forum as well, since it's still missing.

  • Yeah, with the last update, French works perfectly :D

    I'll keep my subscribers (some people unsubscribe because the translation was not functional, I even get a dislike ;( ).

  • That's right, even If you improve it later, I don't care, It works and we can easily read text, so that's fine ^^

  • Heuliez

    Changed the title of the thread from “French Translation available! / Baguette’s Bar” to “French Translation available!”.
  • What does it mean the shortcut word "LOD", the complete sentence is "Show as LOD", but what is LOD?

    I checked the box in Map Editor, but it changed nothing.

  • Can you tell me what are the "several entries"?

    Where can I found them? -_-

  • Hit the "copy entries from file" button - LOTUS attaches them at the end of your file, as always.

    Oh, ok, I didn't know that "Copy entries" doesn't wipe my previous translations.^^

  • ... That's an important information that we would have to add to the hint of the button. Never thought about this!

  • I just have a question about an English string: what does "floodlgt" and "stophut" mean? I mean, what is it? I've search on Google but I didn't find an answer which could match with any thing in LOTUS. Thanks!