French Translation available!

  • I've subscribed it! ;-)

    Thank you.

    When the translation will be complete and the accent problem fixed, could you certificate it as official?

    I mean, put my translation as default when French people download LOTUS, without going manually in the Workshop ^^

  • Yeah, with the last update, French works perfectly :D

    I'll keep my subscribers (some people unsubscribe because the translation was not functional, I even get a dislike ;( ).

  • That's right, even If you improve it later, I don't care, It works and we can easily read text, so that's fine ^^

  • Heuliez

    Changed the title of the thread from “French Translation available! / Baguette’s Bar” to “French Translation available!”.
  • What does it mean the shortcut word "LOD", the complete sentence is "Show as LOD", but what is LOD?

    I checked the box in Map Editor, but it changed nothing.

  • Can you tell me what are the "several entries"?

    Where can I found them? -_-

  • Hit the "copy entries from file" button - LOTUS attaches them at the end of your file, as always.

    Oh, ok, I didn't know that "Copy entries" doesn't wipe my previous translations.^^

  • I just have a question about an English string: what does "floodlgt" and "stophut" mean? I mean, what is it? I've search on Google but I didn't find an answer which could match with any thing in LOTUS. Thanks!

  • My rigorousness forces me to report this little little detail (in attached files).

    As you can see, the box shows in title "Informationen", instead of "Information" (and it's weird, because the language file has a string "Information", "Error", "Warning", etc... ?/

    I'm sorry if it's totally unwise.