[FEATURE REQUEST] Better object config in MapEditor, Signal rules, power station

  • Hello devs and all others,

    there are some of my opinion which could be helpful and maybe could raise realism of the game.

    Better objet config in MapEditor

    While i am creating a little more complex objects, i am missing the better their config in map editor. Now, it is just a small text window to write, in which does not matter, if the variable, which is written down is integer, boolean or string. More helpful in my opinion, would be similar system, which is used in testing script window. I mean some of tags which are using by HTML.

    For example:

    • Range - for integer or single variables
    • Checkbox - for boolean variables
    • Text - for string varibles (is already included as default)
    • Select - for selections determined by creator (could be colour, number of visibled elemets etc.)

    Signal rules

    To be honest, i do not like the way that signals are setting right now. This way can be good for signals, which are used for a few ways and they are singaling two different signals (free way and free way + speed limit). Of course they could be supplemented with another singal object. But for more coplex singla objects this is not the right way.

    Anyway, i do not think that script setting is bad at all, for me it is just setting in MapEditor.

    In my case, i created main signal by myself, which has 16 signal aspects to signal all possible variations and it is really painful to sets up it in MapEditor. In my eyes i would not change it so much. I would let it same as now, but with some differences. I would still let there the adding way to signal properties and the state of track in front of signal. But instead of clicking all of these stuff to individually into signal aspects, the signal aspects would be choosen after this.

    For exaple:

    • Add the way from A to B -> Choose from menu "Active and no track occupancy" -> then check the box of singals which should light, in this case only green light - free way.
    • Add the way from A to C -> Choose from menu "Active and no track occupancy" -> then check the box of singals which should light, in this case green light and down yellow light - free way + speed limit.

    I hope it does make any sence, if not, i would try explan it better.

    I guess, there will be created another system for railworks signals, but as far, there is not, and this will help a little.

    Power station

    Power station is important structure in the electrification railway. As far as i know, this aspect is not included in any game yet. Only some creators have tried included it in their addons, but it does not work realistic. It would be more realistic, when voltage depends on count of trains and their consumption in one place under one Power station. Of course, it can be made by script in individualy vehicle, but if there is chance to make it, why do not take it? It could work by setting a power grid in MapEditor, by rails or catenary, depends on you, simmilar way as are setting up station or signal routes. Setting power grid can include voltage system (3kV, 25kV etc.), voltage source, which will have effect on final result. In game, the electric vehicle which uses this power grid, sends information about current consumption to the "power station" and recieve the current voltage. In my eyes, it might not be a problem when I see the way that other things are done (stations, routes).

    Best regards

  • These are all very good ideas! The idea with the simulation of the energy supply we already have in mind, the other two points we will remember when it comes to the further optimization of the functions! :-)

  • Hi and thank you for your answer. That sounds great. :)

    And of course i forgot to mention another ones, so if you do not mind, i will not create new thread and i will use this one.

    These are about another stuff. First about night textures. Would be able to make a option to set secondary mapping for night textures? Similar like it is able to set up in AO maps? Another ones are about animations. I really miss the public variables for bogies and coupling parts. Of course, i can use variable invradius_{b}_{a} but it does not solve the problem because of "bouncing" bogie. So for some additions parts of bogies there is not way how to make animation smooth and corect. For example side damper of bogie.

    Another one about animation is about connecting cables between two wagons. I do not mean cables which are connected between vehicles in half, like brake hoses, i mean like cables which start at wagon A and they are connected to wagon B, like UIC cables etc. In my eyes it could be done with attach points and deffination which cable uses which point. I know, that it is overkill and kinda useless feature, but i think that could improve realismum on another level.

    I hope that last part makes any sense.

    Best regards

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