Mirrors do not work

  • Hi everybody!

    In my vehicle i have done the mirrors nad they worked correctly. But a few month later, when i tried the vehicle i looked, that the mirrors don not work. The "picture" in the mirror is moving, i can see flashing lights of the colours of the landspace or of the road.

    In the pictures you can see the parameters. Anybody has the same problem or can you see any problems in the parameters?



    And here you can see it when it worked:


  • Janine

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  • The same thing happened to all my vehicles as well. I haven't touched the mirrors in literally ages (the script, model nor the texture and settings in the content tool). I think in the spring it was working everywhere, now it doesn't. I checked if there were some non-backward compatible changes in the mirrors (like when at sounds the looping was added years earlier), but nope, in my vehicles every value seems fine.

    One thing I noted: the mirrors look like the coordinates were faulty (it is only rendered in z direction, therefore it only consist of lines, which actually represent the map around the vehicle).

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