Is it possible to link vehicle constants to repaints?

  • Is it possible to link different vehicle const values to different repaints? Or link vehicle conts AND repaints to presets?

    Where can I make presets?

    In the content tool I don't find any menu for that and ingame the "save current preset" doesn't work, only "default" is shown.

  • You can set a const via repaint. If you want to do this you have to set a value for the const in the Repaint-Tool. (In the box, shown in the linked screenshot)

    In this textflied you have to add the name of the const an in the line below the value for this const. More than one is also possible. The syntax is allways:






    if you want to create a vehicle preset, you have to use this button in the vehicle configuration in the simulator.

    The preset will be saved in the steam directory in the Lotus Folder: steamapps\common\LOTUS-Simulator\Config\VehModulePresets

    This .wmp files can be shared with others and also be uploaded to the workshop.

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