Budapest metro line M2, MMZ Ev metro car - COMMENTARY

  • This is the commentary thread concerning addon:

    Budapest metro line M2, MMZ Ev metro car

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    Of course everything lost when I last wrote it. So anyway, feel free to ask anything or write your opinion about the project. One thing I can answer in advance: I won't publish any source data for the projects. I plan to make the metro repaintable in the future, but I'd rather bring these projects to my grave than to let anyone else to screw with them.

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  • Yeaaaa. :D
    I experiented with the AI a few places. I added passenger polygons, but that only works if the terrain is at the level of it, so I have to adapt that on every station (if I remember correctly, passengers are only on Déli pu, Moszkva tér, Pillangó utca and Örs vezér tere).

    Also I forgot to mention that I haven't added the RC scripts to the metro yet (and I don't remember if I set the map up to be usable in multiplayer).