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    Your Textures do not have MipMaps, which are essential for displaying the textures with lower resolutions. Add MipMaps to your DDS Files, and everything should be fine :)

    With the recent update the Settings for Texture Resolution got lowered a bit as default. Thats why this seems to occour out of nowhere, because your DDS Textures allow only to be displayed correct at their native resolution (highest Texture quality setting).

    I've not installed your Objects yet, but what i have seen on your screenshots so far, your Houses are really nice modelled and textured.
    So thanks for your work and effort, and for sharing this with us!

    Good idea. I would suggest to toggle between these modes (Normal with regular Mouse Cursor and primary Mouse Control, or the Mouseview Option) via shortcut (like ö in Omsi) and to have a little white dot in the center of the screen which will be the active area/spot for mouse interaction as used in other games with this type of Mouse control.

    These are the Values:

    iam not Sure if the exist in english somewhere

    Wohnungen = Apartements
    Die ganze Nacht = Whole Night

    Gewerbe = Industry
    Schulen = schools
    Gastronomie = gastronomy

    Sehr spät auf = very late awake

    Sehr früh auf = very early awake
    and so on...

    Will Check it when Iam Back Home

    EDIT: I can not make a new post here cause i made the last post a few minutes ago... so i have to edit this. hope you get the notification about it.

    karadamir : You can download your files at

    the OZMT_Marvin.x3d is the final Object, ready to import in the Content tool (i've tested it, works fine :) ).
    Also i've modified the OZMT.blend. The 3D Objects had a scaling of 0.100. I changed it to 1.

    To do this Select all [A] and Press [STRG+A] -> Rotation and Scale while in Object Mode. Also i removed all Materials before i exportet the x3d File.

    Don't forget to set your Lotus Content Tool import Setting to Blender instead of 3DSMax!

    There must be people who get excited about this release only to find they are flooded with information here and there and try to work out what on earth LOTUS is, now and in the future.

    I really don't get it. If someone want to find out what LOTUS is about and what he can expect and when, he or she should visit and Read "Features" and "Progress of Development". Maybe the LOTUS Facebook Page too. Or the Description in the Steam Shop. I don't know why the heck some should try to read misleading information on suspicious sources, if he can get 100% accurate information from the best source you can think of: the LOTUS Developers.

    You just have to wait a little more.
    All objects do not have LOD capabillity at the moment. It is in development and will be available soon.
    Then these performance problems are solved.

    Because it is known, the Map builders should not hold back to place their vegetation, because the LOD Feature was planned from the beginning and will solve this issue.

    EDIT: Aaaaaand once again: 32Bit does NOT matter! Cause 32bit or 64bit has nothing todo with performance.