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    knowing the language of your neighbors from the north, I could even understand something (speaking of the spoiler from Steven's post) :D

    As some people say, Czech language is almost the same as Polish, but drunk :'D

    I've got another question regarding the animation, it's not about articulations, but about a similar topic and may incorporate future features, but I hope you may give me an answer.

    Some older trams haven't got an automatic coupling like the Scharfenberg type, but are rather being coupled manually using several parallel connections:

    - purely mechanical connection

    - control signals (doors, lights etc.) via separate cables that are connected to ports on each wagon's back/front side

    - eventually a high voltage cable that goes from the roof of wagon 1 to the roof of wagon 2, if the second one is motorized as well

    To make the cables look realistic, they need to sag ("durchhängen"), therefore be affected by gravity, as well as to swing during movements.

    Will this be done via mesh animation as well?

    Another aspect, I imagine the manual coupling procedure, when made realistic, as follows:

    - both wagons stay as close to each other as possible

    - you click on the mechanical coupling end of wagon 1, then on the apropriate end of wagon 2 coupling

    - both cars are connected mechanically; this step is important because the coupling doesn't necessarily have to be centered as is can turn to the sides a bit in order to follow curves

    - then you click on the port of car 1's control signal connection

    - a cable appears whose one plug is plugged in the clicked port

    - the other end is unconnected for now and hangs; it could swing freely if you move the tram; if a part of the cable touches / hits against the trams body, it should not go through, but bounce back

    - you connect the open end either by clicking in the unconnected port of the second wagon or click and drag the plug towards the port until it "snaps in"

    - the overall procedure is therefore:

    click port A - cable appears - click port B - connection estsblished OR

    click port A - cable appears - click the unconnected plug and drag it to the other port - connection estsblished

    So my main questions are:

    - if and how it'd be possible to make the cable only appear when attempting to couple both wagons while it's obviously not there on a single, unconnected wagon;

    - if and how it'd be possible to implement a realistic reaction to gravity, acceleration and push/pull forces (hanging, sagging, swinging, stretching)

    - if and how it'd be possible to center the mechanical coupling when they are not necessarily centered due to their hinges / range of rotation

    Here is an example of those connections on a real-world vehicle:

    mechanical coupling (albert coupler)

    control connections (one cable for control of the second wagon, another one for information feedback to the operator's cabin)

    high-voltage cable between the wagons

    I'd also know about the animation of such chains that are supposed to prevent people from crossing the rails between wagons (swinging and the chain's / sping's elasticity)

    I hope that somebody from the devs can give me an answer :)

    In der polnischen Stadt Łódź (deutscher Name: Lodsch) existierte mit rund 30 Kilometern nicht nur die längste Straßenbahnlinie des Landes, sondern gleichzeitig auch die längste schmalspurige Linie Europas: die Überlandlinie 46 von Ozorków nach Stoki. Leider wurde sie im Februar dieses Jahres, aufgrund des desolaten Zustandes der Gleise und Oberleitungen, stillgelegt und auf Dauer-SEV mit Bussen umgestellt, zumindest bis sie wiederhergerichtet wird. Sie ist schon oft von Stilllegungen bedroht gewesen und wenn man einigen Berichten trauen darf, dann wurde absichtlich über lange Zeit nicht renoviert, damit man ihre Stillegung mit dem schlechten Zustand begründen kann :(

    Die anliegenden Orte und Gemeinden fordern einen raschen Wiederaufbau und diese Linie wurde auch tatsächlich in das Modernisierungsprogram ŁTR (Łódzki Tramwaj Regionalny, Łódz'sche Regionalstraßenbahn) aufgenommen, wonach die Überlandstrecken mit regionaler Erschließungsfunktion saniert und stadtbahnmäßig umgebaut werden sollen. Aktuell wird noch um finanzielle Mittel gerungen, hofft aber auf EU-Gelder.

    Ich habe ein Video von einer Führerstandsmitfahrt auf Youtube gefunden, fast zwei Stunden Fahrzeit 8o

    btw, isn't the interlocking / interconnection between both main tracks too sharp (too small curve radius)? Or is it just like that in reality as well?

    As far as I was able to understand this article, you make the animation in the ContentTool, not in Blender. However, I can't try and show it to you since I am not familiar with Blender yet, so I will have to wait with own content creation (although I already have some nice ideas in my mind....), don't have any time right now :(

    The only modelling software I've used so far is SketchUp as well. Got really used to it and have done lots of stuff. I am aware that is very limited, I'd also want to do more tbh. Tried blender (okay, without watching tutorials, just to try it out on an intuitive, tiral-and-error basis), but couldn't get familiar with it, no matter how hard I've tried. It provides lots of features, but I couldn't really understand the workflow and use it as intuitively as sketch up.

    One thing which I really liked about SkUp was that if you've drawn a line, circle, rectangle etc., you've could snap it to the room axes and could also snap lengths to certain values: start drawing a line, type in a value and the line endpoint will snap to the given length value. Same with angles, circle radius etc. Middle points between nodes of a line were automatically snapped to as well.

    However, I couldn't find comparable functions in Blender, maybe did I overlook it? If this snap facillity isn't included in Blender, then I simply can't imagine modelling stuff precisely -_-

    Anyway, I've tried using Blender several times, but it always turned out to be too complicated and not intuitive. Didn't have the time and long-term-motivation to force myself digging deeper though <:( Does anybody know good, motivating (and fool-proof ;p) tutorials?

    This was one of the main reasons for the EA release: To allow content creators start working on their projects, so Lotus will have more to offer than just the stock maps and vehicles in the moment of the full release. Another reason is to allow externals (= those who are not members of the Lotus team or closely affiliated content creators or didn't participate in closed beta stages) to test the game, report bugs, submit feature / content wishes, suggest certain improvements aside of bugfixes etc. Allowing potential gamers to play a bit and check out the features is the least important thing. What matters more is to have a close contact to the community while still developing the product, so appropriate changes can still be made.

    By the way, I consider myself being more of a gamer than a creator, although I'm definately planning to create one or another map, but I've decided to wait with the purchase, until the game is developed a bit further and has more to offer (especially tunnels, tunnel stations, completed signalling system and train control as well as content fitting my needs like two-direction, high-floor trams). However, I was still willing to create a forum account and to already participate in this stage despite not having the game yet, because I can still contribute useful stuff, get answers for questions I am having (I don't want to comment on Facebook and let everybody know about this hobby, prefer to by more anonymous), write suggestions regarding content and features and so on.

    Again, if Lotus doesn't offer enough for you at the moment, then simply wait until it will do.

    Will those lines have some kind of "own AI", which means that AI vehicles will be able to leave those guidelines in order to overtake or avoid objects / people etc.?

    I'm logged in via Steam on my laptop, but I'm unable to log in on my phone (tried on two different browser apps). I've tried it many times, but now the log in is temporarily blocked due to too many failed attempts from the given IP adress, although I have always entered the right password (the one from Steam), so I can only use the forum from my laptop which I don't always have at hand... <:(