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    Type of project: Bus, Volvo B8RLE 8900LE 6x2

    Name of project: Volvo B8RLE 8900LE 6x2

    Involved persons: Me, volvorider and a 3D wizard 👀

    Details: The plan is to make the Volvo B8RLE 8900LE 6x2 (tri-axle), not just any B8RLE but specifically this:

    (Picture credits to for the fantastic picture)

    PL655 with a D8K 320hp engine and a ZF Ecolife gearbox :)

    And of course a thread in the W.I.P showroom would be nothing without pictures ;p

    Me and Fabian13 are "building" a Volvo 8900LE for LOTUS, as you most likely already know ^^

    But in addition to the thread, I've also seen some pictures of MAN Lion's City buses, possibly even some Solaris-related stuff.


    Just making this sure now, will LOTUS support additional controllers such as a steering wheel? (Logitech Driving Force GT) If someone has already asked this, you can just send me the link of the thread and delete this thread :)

    Thanks :)


    The idea that the passengers would open a window or a roof hatchet is more suited for a tourist bus or for an old bus. '

    Thank you for having the time to write all that, fantastic ideas!

    Hey volvorider , I like your ideas :)

    In my opinion Wilson , sitting down should be prioritised over standing up e.g. 90% chance of sitting down.

    Also, when it comes to waving for the bus, it should only be on bus stops where the bus doesn't have to stop at without passengers (known as a "Request stop").

    Thank you :), I hope that the passengers in LOTUS get a big upgrade compared to the unrealistic ones in OMSI.