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    I meant you should remove the key when you post the link in the forums, not when you try to use it for aerials.

    Oh, well... That wasn't my key, I got the link from another thread. But thanks, I'll keep this in mind in the future

    The ~x and ~y values from LOTUS will not work with the Google static maps. You will need to convert the tile numbers provided by LOTUS to Lat/Lon values expected by the Google API.

    I have written a small script that does this which you can use with your own API key.


    Just replace [API-Code] with your own.

    Thank you very much! I'm gonna try with this one!

    There are some changes, but not exactly good.

    So, I did replace 0,0 but the outcome was notwhat I expected.

    First, I tried to replace it with the actual center coordinates of my LOTUS map. (center=47,5603981018066,19,0898818969727)

    And it only repeated that one tile all over. (but at least the one I was looking for)

    In the second case, I replaced 0,0 with ~x,~y and this is what I got:

    (the line in the middle is some part of the USA according to the label on it which is totaly not what I was looking for)

    And I also tried removing "&key=..." part but it didn't seem to have an effect on the problem.

    P.s.: Sorry for my ignorance, I've never dealt with aerials until now.


    I'd like to present my main LOTUS project.

    The aim of this project is to bring bus lines 204 and 296 of Budapest to :lotus:. I chose these since I use them daily and I think the scenery is very interesting.

    Both lines serve housing estates, suburban, industrial and commercial areas via highway, wide city roads and narrow streets as well.

    (less significant lines might be added depending on my time and energy)

    I cannot give a time frame nor finish date, but I certainly will finish this project.:)

    Very soon I will bring you some screenshots as well as more general information about the routes.

    Sometimes this happens to me aswell. Restarting the program may work or change the link to: or or

    Thanks, now it works!:) One more thing: Do you know links that give satellite image, not just map? Sorry, I've never used aerials before and the links I found are not working.

    currently all server are running!

    I still cannot reach it after selecting "Create new map" and "available on multiplayer". It cannot move forward from getting information. And the logfile shows error 246, connection lost><?/


    "Still loading" but more than 20 minutes passed. Did I do something wrong? (and I can't connect to server when I want to reserve tile) But I have Internet connection.

    Good to know^^

    I know only one map where I have traffic jam in my direcrion but I tougth that it is rather luck than intentional.

    Considering this, LOTUS will have something similar, right?

    So, my question is about the Roads module.

    I've read something about traffic jams on :lotus:'s website long before the EA release and I'd like to know how will you solve them?

    Like in OMSI (if you're "lucky" you have some delay caused by traffic) or will we be able to set which road has a certain amount of density and what time maybe? It would be really great and would make real maps more realistic. (Not like in OMSI where traffic jams are always present only in the opposite direction not depending on time or direction from city centre)

    There are two things that are not clear for me about this real/fictive map system.

    1) If somebody creates a real map about a part of a city and it becomes a multiplayer map, and then somebody else creates another part of that city but the two maps would have one section in common (eg. one map is the Northern part of city and the other is the Southern part of it and they intersect each other in the middle). In this case the secondly created map has no chance to become a multiplayer map?

    2) If for any reason a completed real map can't be multiplayer, but the author still wants to try it with other players is/will there (be) any chance to kinda transfer a real map to the fictive ones and play that real map in MP as a fictional one?:D