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    I would suggest adding a separate subforum under Official announcements named Changelogs. Each time there is a changelog, make a new thread, like you do in Nightly Builds

    Reason for this is, that I l would like to set up RSS reader that would post notification on our Discord when you guys post post an update post. Currently it is not possible due to how this forum software's RSS feed works: It only lists threads and you can monitor if a new thread is posted

    Firstly, sorry if this has been already been suggested/disccused, couldn't find anything with search using English keywords.

    Currently the game chat is only visible if you have the menu UI visible (main menu or the mini menu while in game). This is quite annoying especially in multiplayer, as you can't see others talking with you unless you know to check it.

    My suggestion is to allow toggle a transparent version of chat UI ingame (both single and multiplayer) so you can have it always visible. Similar to like how most multiplayer games implement this. I get it that there are some who don't like it, that's why I suggest it as toggle.

    It would be awesome, if we would be able to set multiple different key combinations for one action.

    One example, that allows to add multiple combinations for one action is Fernbus:

    Or more simpler version that limits you to maximum 2 keys per action is American and Euro Truck Simulator series:

    Why do I feel this is needed?

    I for example have 2 kinds of playing situations. Sometimes I can play with steering wheel. Sometimes not. With steering wheel some of the buttons I would like to map on steering wheel (like indicators) and without steering wheel I obviously would want to use keyboard buttons.

    Our first multiplayer session with the new streets module ;)

    Sadly, I couldn't get any screenshots when we had people driving trams also at the same time as I was using 32bit version of the game to have working steering wheel but that crashed

    I can't seem to find repaint template anywhere for the new MAN DL bus. It's not in Steam Library\SteamApps\common\LOTUS-Simulator\OpenSource like the GT6N template is. Am I missing something obvious or it hasn't been released yet.

    I am noticing people are uploading new repaints and from what I've understood, you can't repaint vehicles in LOTUS if you don't have the template or is there now a possibility to repaint them without the template files?

    That's crazy... just for info: You've tried to left [Shift] key, too? ;-)


    However, I now did further investigation at home, where I have external keyboard.
    If I have numlock off, then it works, but only with the external keyboard, because in case of the laptop keyboard (the one you saw on video), if numlock is disabled, then numpad is replaced with media keys (and I know some keyboards replace it with arrow keys etc).

    But yes, the strange thing is it's only shift. Ctrl, Alt all work in all modes.

    In the MAN DL, change door 1 control keyboard option to toggle door instead of separate close and open buttons, which currently uses (or even better, have both options available?). So that it would match the other 2 doors and how the dashboard button actually works.

    With it's current method it's also quite annoying to map this to keyboard as you would need 2 separate keys for one door control.

    1. Please describe as detailed as possible what you did and which problem that leads to.

    Currently you can move the camera only when pressing middle mouse wheel. The issue is, laptop touch pads don't have this feature so an alternate mode is required or option to configure this. At least I didn't find any ways to change this.

    1. Please describe as detailed as possible what you did and which problem that leads to.

    I tried to set my door control settings to the same as I have it set up in OMSI:

    Shift + Num 0: Open/close all doors
    Shift + Num 1 - Num 4: Open close 1 - 4 doors
    Shift + Num Enter: Station Brake

    However, I'm noticing that Shift + modifier only registers for some Num buttons, for others it doesn't register. (For example Num -, Num * and Num / accept Shift + modifier, but none of the number values or Num , doesn't register it).

    2. Please post your logfile and if possible attach your debug logfile, as well, which have been created during the problem occured.

    3. If it is a performance or another possibly hardware-related problem, please post your system information. Those are:

    • OS and architecture (32/64bit)
      Windows 10 Pro 64bit version 1903
    • Processor clock rate
      Up to 4.10GHz
    • Processor cores
    • RAM
      32GB DDR4
    • Type of hard drive (HDD/SDD)
      512GB NVMe SSD
      1TB SATA SSD
    • Desktop or Notebook?
      Notebook. Lenovo Y740-17ICH (First gen)
    • Name of your graphics card
      NVidia GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q
    • Graphics memory
    • GPU clock rate
      No idea
    • OpenGL version (see LOTUS logfile)
      4.6.0 NVIDIA 441.66

      Keyboard locale is set to Estonian/Eesti

    It comes to my mind that you could test if this example collection can be attached in the repaints section of your company in LOTUS. If it works, you can download directly there, if you want. Could you check it? ;)

    Nope, didn't work. I could add it, but clicking download doesn't subscribe to items in the list (it says it does it but in reality nothing changed).

    Even if it would work doesn't help that we can't enable all the items in the list or am I wrong? ;)

    To be honest, I prefer the freedom we have currently. For sure I'll say no to dropdown to either fleet number or plate number.

    Nothing stops you from achieving what you want currently. I hated in OMSI how your fleet numbers were limited, you needed to add your fleet number to .org file (btw, which is something you can't actually do in LOTUS due to how mods are packaged into containers, you can't edit the mods without having access to original files).

    The reason i'm asking for this feature, is because it isn't uncommon at all for buses (applies to other vehicle types as well) to be sold/brought to different operators over their lifetime. With the menu working the way i've suggested, i could recreate history of vehicles and for example, how a batch of buses has split to different operators over time.

    Actually usually when bus is sold/bought to different operator, their fleet number and license plates change to what the new operator assigns. Here is example of one of the used buses our company here had to bought:
    05.12.2005 - Arriva Nederland 7887
    30.12.2012 - Arriva Sverige 7735
    07.2019 - Tallinn City Transport 3130

    Note how the number is different for each company, of course license plate is different also. Only way how to track bus history in real life is VIN code. I have about 100 examples of this running around currently in our capital, because due to emergency our capital's company needed 100 extra buses fast so they got them through 2 year lease all over the Europe. Same pattern is everywhere, even internally in the country they change plates and fleet numbers.

    //EDIT: Just saw @Janine 's post. Please make it so that it at least isn't dropdown like OMSI, but maybe if you input certain numbers, they will trigger what thread author is suggesting. Or have a checkbox next to the dropdown, with "Custom number", which changes the dropdown to textfield or sth.