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    I would suggest changing the in-game clock that appears with Ctrl + C keyboard combination to digital one as it more easily readable and more useful (let's be honest, anything else in the game shows digital time (timetables). Or another option is to add a setting that allows you to choose which one you want to see ;)

    Ofc, it should follow the internatlination setting for display format

    This is the clock I'm talking about, just incase:

    I do not want to disappoint you, but English as spoken language is not common in Germany. Everybody learns it at school, but for most people that is it.

    That's pretty much how the most of world works (except countries that speak English natively or by nature are extremely multilingual). It's same here in Estonia, it's same in Norway. Germany ain't special in this regards at all. The point is - usually if you do gaming or deal with computers at all you do understand English and can write in it even at least on some level. Sure, it may not be perfect but it's more understandable for most, than writing your entire text in German.

    It was a sort of a cultural shock when I moved to Norway and discovered that every single Norwegian speaks perfect english and is not shy to use it.

    Oh that ain't correct at all :D I Work for a Norwegian company, my experience is quite opposite so far :D

    To collaborate more on that idea. I sadly don't remember which forum it was, but I stumbled upon a forum where if people, whom you described (who don't feel good in posting in English because they are afraid their English is not good enough), posted their posts in german, people answering them posted their responses in English (in case of shorter responses even in both languages), giving other people an idea what the topic is about and giving everybody ability to jump into the discussion. If you have only few posts in the thread in German, it's no biggies to google translate them also. Moderators even also translated the thread titles into English if they were originally posted in German etc.

    And let's be honest, anybody playing games this day and age, understands English. maybe introducing a third "language" we could misuse as multilangual, and which would be activated for both user groups by default?

    Was thinking something similar. Not sure how open woltab, is but maybe it's possible fake a language as multilanguage (in the language file) that would be forcefully enabled for all users.

    Or maybe actually get in contact to whoever makes this (is it core functinality or plugin, haven't touched woltlab before) and request a feature like this?

    Or get rid of it completely and do things like any other developer does, use English for main stuff, maximum have a small section for german speaking and even perhaps other language communities where people can help those out who struggle with English etc? :P

    Small part of the world and about 80% of LOTUS users. ;)

    Well if the main communication hub of the game is mostly in German, of course you would have mostly german players (at least the ones lurking around here) ;) OMSI was plagued by the same issue and that's why still to this date most of OMSI mods are about german in official sources (as most mods are made by German content creators or authors who understand German).

    I mean look at SCS, even though they are Czech company, all of their hubs are in English and see how big their community is? Even though it's also quite niche community. Look at TML, even though they sometimes tend to forget this also, at least their forum is mostly in English.

    Would it not be sufficient to have the steam workshop article in both languages? Especially as the information there are the same as in the forum threads.

    You guys keep forgetting, this forum here is official forum for the game, that is internationally released not only for the German community. I would say if we have to choose only one language here to mainly use, it should be English, which is considered international language, which everybody understands, not language that only the developers and small part of the world talk (yes arquably it's quite wide used language but still only small percentage of the world compared to eEnglish).

    And I still have to mark the whole topic here as completely "german" or "english", that confuses me even more. If non-german users did not tick the right boxes in their forum settings, they won't even be able to see these topics at all, even though I translatet them, will they?

    Yes, if we tick only English, we won't see untranslated posts at all.

    I hope I won't get banned or hated for stating my opinion but:

    I know it may sound like complaining but this is how I and at least several people feel about LOTUS community. It's extremely hard to find any information on this forum as still to this date basically anything outside of official announcements is only in German and this pushes content creators of this community to be lazy on this regard also:
    - A lot of Steam workshop mods, support threads and showroom (not WIP) threads still to this date only have German description, instructions etc
    - Variable selections are usually only in german for modded content in the game

    I get it, we will never get to the point where discussions here would happen in English, so everybody around the world would understand them and could take part of them also, sadly that is impossible to ask. Just a small hint, this is what discourages a lot of people to take part of discussions here, they just can't understand most of the discussions and frankly we won't google translate all of them, just maybe you would start getting a more feedback outside of german speaking playerbase if you would think about this?

    But to not only complain and get things at least a bit better, I know this word here is a taboo, but omsi-webdisk resently understood this issue and the solution they implemented is perfect start - They introduced a rule that released content (mods on filebase) should by minimum have English description. Maybe introduce a similar rule here that all content that is released: Steam Workshop and released showroom - must have English descriptions and ingame English translations for what it add (like equipment variables etc), so that every one can actually understand these?

    PS: I'm not throwing a phrase "a lot of" around just for fun, I'm talking about what I've seen over time on our virtual bus/trucking company's Discord (with about 200 members, quarter of them active) and from what I've heard from communities outside of this mostly german based community here.

    1. Please describe as detailed as possible what you did and which problem that leads to.

    For quite some time I have issues with the game that as I move around, all the lightmaps in the world dissapear for about an second. See video below:

    It happens quite often.

    2. Please post your logfile and if possible attach your debug logfile, as well, which have been created during the problem occured.


    3. If it is a performance or another possibly hardware-related problem, please post your system information. Those are:

    • OS and architecture (32/64bit) Windows 10 Pro 20H2 Build 19042 x64
    • Processor Intel i7-8750H @ Turbo boost to 4.10GHz Turbo up to 4.10GHz
    • Processor cores 6 core / 12 threads
    • RAM 32GB DDR4
    • Type of hard drive (HDD/SDD) 512GB NVMIE SSD + 2TB SATA SSD (game runs on SATA SSD)
    • Desktop or Notebook? Gaming laptop, Lenovo Legion Y740-17ICH
    • Name of your graphics card NVidia GeForce RTX 2070 Q-Max (8GB)
    • Graphics memory 8GB
    • GPU clock rate N/A
    • OpenGL version (see LOTUS logfile) OpenGL-Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 460.89

    I would suggest adding a separate subforum under Official announcements named Changelogs. Each time there is a changelog, make a new thread, like you do in Nightly Builds

    Reason for this is, that I l would like to set up RSS reader that would post notification on our Discord when you guys post post an update post. Currently it is not possible due to how this forum software's RSS feed works: It only lists threads and you can monitor if a new thread is posted

    Firstly, sorry if this has been already been suggested/disccused, couldn't find anything with search using English keywords.

    Currently the game chat is only visible if you have the menu UI visible (main menu or the mini menu while in game). This is quite annoying especially in multiplayer, as you can't see others talking with you unless you know to check it.

    My suggestion is to allow toggle a transparent version of chat UI ingame (both single and multiplayer) so you can have it always visible. Similar to like how most multiplayer games implement this. I get it that there are some who don't like it, that's why I suggest it as toggle.

    It would be awesome, if we would be able to set multiple different key combinations for one action.

    One example, that allows to add multiple combinations for one action is Fernbus:

    Or more simpler version that limits you to maximum 2 keys per action is American and Euro Truck Simulator series:

    Why do I feel this is needed?

    I for example have 2 kinds of playing situations. Sometimes I can play with steering wheel. Sometimes not. With steering wheel some of the buttons I would like to map on steering wheel (like indicators) and without steering wheel I obviously would want to use keyboard buttons.

    Our first multiplayer session with the new streets module ;)

    Sadly, I couldn't get any screenshots when we had people driving trams also at the same time as I was using 32bit version of the game to have working steering wheel but that crashed

    I can't seem to find repaint template anywhere for the new MAN DL bus. It's not in Steam Library\SteamApps\common\LOTUS-Simulator\OpenSource like the GT6N template is. Am I missing something obvious or it hasn't been released yet.

    I am noticing people are uploading new repaints and from what I've understood, you can't repaint vehicles in LOTUS if you don't have the template or is there now a possibility to repaint them without the template files?

    That's crazy... just for info: You've tried to left [Shift] key, too? ;-)


    However, I now did further investigation at home, where I have external keyboard.
    If I have numlock off, then it works, but only with the external keyboard, because in case of the laptop keyboard (the one you saw on video), if numlock is disabled, then numpad is replaced with media keys (and I know some keyboards replace it with arrow keys etc).

    But yes, the strange thing is it's only shift. Ctrl, Alt all work in all modes.