Recommended way to build a map

  • Advices for building a map - Best practice.

    1 Terrain & surface

    1.1 Cutting the terrain

    The cutting of the terrain needs a bit more time, because the algorithm is very extensive. So the polygons and splines, which are inflicted in the algorithm, shouldn't be very big. The benefits are, that the calcultion time get shortened, the outcome is optimizied and errors get reduced. Keep the following advices in mind:

    • The dimension of the polygons shouldn't be above 50 meters, espacially in areas where many elements are layered above each other.
    • Splines can be chained, so a chain of splines can be longer than 50 meters.
    • The polygons and splines aren't saved into the Container of the map. They get stored as the terrain in a optimized way. If the placement of these elements are near the optimum, the algorithm won't need that much time and may reduced possible errors.
    • On a lonely road outside a town there may be exceptions for this advices mentioned before.