• Which guidelines apply to creating maps in the Real World of LOTUS?

    Those guidelines are listed here.

    Should I start with a real, fictional, multiplayer or singleplayer map before it will transferred?

    You should either start with a fictional multiplayer map or with a real singleplayer map. Each option has got it's flaws:

    Basically we prefer multiplayer maps - we want to enable as much maps as possible to be playable together. Should you unexpectedly not be able or willing to qualify for the Real World of LOTUS, your map still would be playable in multiplayer - from the fictional planet. But the place of your map must be free and hence you must be able to reserve it in order to make a multiplayer map.

    You do not have this problem with a singleplayer map - you do not need to reserve tiles and you just start building where you want to. But your map probably stays singleplayer for ever if you can not make it to the transfer to the Real World of LOTUS.

    What if I want to make Payware?

    The process is a little different with payware. If you have a complete concept and the neccessary experience needed for your project, please contact us directly. Please note that we deliberately only have enabled very few developers for payware. We prefer freeware addons for our community and a payware project has to qualify with an excellent quality and scope of the project to be worth a charge.