Volvo 7X00 + Tatra T5C5 - Budapest

  • Good evening everyone.

    You may have already seen information about my Volvo 7X00 B7L(A) project over at the omsi forum. Well, the development of these bus(es) will be continued for LOTUS.

    Not much news apart from that, no expected release date, but here is a picture of one of the three dashboard types (VDO, what else :'D):

    Now, for the more actual and interesting part, I've also been working on a Tatra T5C5 in the background. This type is probably the most iconic tram on the streets on Budapest, with 322 produced, from which many are still running today. The original T5C5, plus the T5C5K/K2 (modernised variants) are planned. This project is getting more attention at the moment, as the Rails modul allows me to start writing the scripts for the vehicle as well. Anyway, here are some pictures:

    As with the Volvos, no expected release dates are set, and you can see that a lot of parts are subject to change/remodeling.

    Well, thank you for reading, and have a nice weekend 8)

  • G'day all. Not much news, but I wanted to show some renders.

    First off, this is the classic mechanical ticket validator that was used in the Socialist times (and can be still found) in a lot of BKV vehicles.

    Retro is a big thing today as you all know, so instead of throwing these away during modernizations, BKV sells them online for the fanatics :D

    I wasn't in the mood to unwrap it, but i already have the phototexts, so maybe in the next post ;)

    Also, the doors were remade with some mm accurate measurements provided by TNH, so special thanks to him!

    Some of you may have also noticed, that the pantograph was on the wrong end, as in the real one it is situated "on top" of the driver's place.

    Well, that is also fixed now.

    That's all for now, next time I will show something from the inside, so stay tuned 8)

  • Well, almost two month after the last update, here I am once again :D

    Not much progress, due to lack of motivation and free time, but I'll let the images speak:

    I would like to thank The Creators team for their continuous support, helping with reference pictures and measurements! :)

    Looking back at the "schedule" of updates, this may be the last one for 2018, if that's the case happy new year to you all and thank you for showing interest in my projects, see you in 2019 (:

  • Skinner that's a very nice model at the moment. Actually you are modelling my favourite tram type. So I hope the engine sound will be the same as it is in reality. Sadly all of the carriage will be upgraded to Tatra T5C5K2M. The last carriages is in Angyalfold at the moment. Around 89 piece yet.

    R:U::S::S:ian g:U:y wh:O: drive :T:ram:S: in Budapest:):tram::lotus:

  • Well, that's not a small number, considering it's about the half of all our Tatra trams in Budapest :D

    I don't think the electric engine sounds are that hard to reproduce. Even in simplier simulators (openBVE example) it has decent sounds, well, more or less.

    Making the sounds of a Combino or the new metro cars (MMZ 81-717.2K on line M3) would be much much harder, since they have changing frequency electronic converters, so their sounds change in a very unique way according to the speed and torque.

  • Actually the running Tatra tram number is 320 piece. So it's 1/3 piece of the regular one and right now 2/3 is upgraded one. As the company says it will gonna change till 2021. So in 1 or 2 year will be upgraded all of them. Except carriage number 4000 and another one. They will gonna appear as T5C5 but only as Nostalgia tram like UV, Bengali and the rest of the tram types.

    R:U::S::S:ian g:U:y wh:O: drive :T:ram:S: in Budapest:):tram::lotus: