SGP Lohner E1+C3,C4,C5 and Lohner C1+C1

  • Hi everyone. I don't speak German so i hope someone who is German and understands English as well can read this and you can translate this too for people wo can't understand English. I want to make a wish for this Lohner pack. SGP Lohner E1 and its wagons C3, C4 and C5 and much older one Lohner C1and its wagon C1. I came up with this wish when i saw OMSI Forum user iTram making E1 for OMSI2 so i want someone to make these two trams for Lotus. I even saw a facebook page of someone from Wienna making Wienna map and every Lohner trams for OMSI2 but when lotus appeared on WIP he said when lotus comes out he will continue making that project for lotus but his facebook page disappeared and i can't find it. So i am posting my wish for someone to make this Lohner pack here for Lotus. And since i posted this wish i can be your beta tester if you want. Thanks in advance and i hope i am not asking too much,

    Lohner e1…..gws-wiz-img._sxuNJskueg

    Lohner C1+c1…-dienst-gestellte-c1.html

    Unofficial LOTUS tester

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  • Pretty sure, you will see something from us ;)8)

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