United Nations: Rules (How to play)

  • To participate in a game of United Nations, please login at first. The login uses the Steam authentication and requests your name.

    Once logged in, you are able to see the list of games that are looking for members. Feel free to join one of it! If you do not see a game that fits your needs, create one by clicking the button. Give your game a name and wait for other players to join.

    However, while you are waiting, you are able to chat with the members.

    The game leader is able to start the game once the player count has reached between 2 and 8. He hits the start button and the game starts for every member.


    The game leader is the first to play a card. Then every player in clockwise order is able to play a card, as well, until one of the players discarded all of his cards.

    The objective is to play the cards corresponding to the rules.

    A card can be discarded if
    - it matches the color of the last card dropped to the stack, or
    - it matches the value of the last card dropped to the stack, or
    - it is a special (black) card that matches on every other card.

    If a player is not able to discard a fitting card, he has to draw a card from the stack and it's the next player's turn.

    The cards 0-9 have no special features.
    The card with the "skip" symbol skips the turn of the next player.
    The card with the "reverse" symbol reverses the direction of turns.
    The card with the "+2" or "+4" symbol requires the next player to either draw the given number of cards to his hand or, if he is able to, to extend this number for the next player by laying down a fitting card whose value stacks with the previous one.
    The card without symbol is a "color wish" card.

    If you play a black card (+4 or color wish), please make sure to choose the color that has to be played by the next player.

    If a player has only one card remaining on his hand, he has to press the button "LOTUS!" before the next player finished his turn. If he presses the button with more than one card on his hand or after the next player finished his turn, a penalty card is drawn automatically.


    Once the game is finished by one player winning, the game table is disabled. Close the game (or save a screenhot first ;) ) to start a new one.

    We wish you a lot of fun and hope you come back with your friends! :)

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