No mouse pointer on screen

  • I had to request a refund from Steam (which I have received) because when Lotus stared up I could not see a mouse pointer on the screen. I could find no keyboard shortcuts etc.. I am useing Windows 10. Can someone help me - the concept and You Tube videos all look good.:'D

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  • I am happy to buy it again if someone can suggest what I should try to do to correct the missing mouse pointer.

  • OK. So I have paid for it again in the hope that there is a suggestion of how I can correct the problem of not having a mouse pointer on the screen after it has loaded.. Any suggestions are welcomed.

  • I do not see a mouse point at any stage. I can move the mouse around and it changes the highlight of the menu items so that I can take a change and manage to load a tram after a lot of hit and miss. Could it be my second screen?

  • You can try to use another starting parameter, such as -windowedfullscreen and see if there are any changes.

    You can also tell us your hardware configuration (especially graphics card) and send a log file too. This could help us understand this case better.

  • Startup with -windowsfullscreen made no difference. I have just found out that there is not traffic / pedestrians / other vehicles, so I will wait for further development and other modules. I will apply for a second refund. The product is certainly not ready for Windows 10 or my (almost) new PC with double touch screens.

  • But then again, why bother reading the description under the bold "Early Access Game" title, right?


    How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

    “The following of our planned features are not yet implemented in LOTUS:

    • scheduled traffic and surrounding traffic
    • pedestrians, passengers
    • interactions with AI
    • ...