Nightly Builds - General information

  • Welcome to the Nightly Builds!

    As the name suggests, you can now use beta versions of LOTUS. You want to test, influence or help with fine-tuning or bugfixing the latest developments super-early? Then the Nightly Builds are the right thing for you!

    Please keep in mind that these versions are explicitly untested and potentially unstable. We advise against ambitious content development with NB versions of LOTUS and do not guarantee that we can help you in case of problems. You should also keep in mind that content created with NB may be incompatible for users of the public version of LOTUS. Also, access to the multiplayer server is not guaranteed with NB versions, but in most cases it is possible without problems. :) Those who regularly switch between NB and his usual LOTUS version should backup his corresponding options!

    Even if you get updates with the Nightly Builds much earlier than the public version of LOTUS, you will always have to wait until the internal beta test has received an update as well. Sometimes this happens every day, but sometimes it takes 1-2 weeks until a new feature can be tested - and neither Nightly-Builder nor the beta testers will get an update during that time.

    Please note that NB-patchnotes, despite posted in German and English, are marked as German threads only. To see them, please activate German content in your forum settings.

    The NB versions of LOTUS are installed automatically when you follow the steps below:

    pasted-from-clipboard.png - rightclick on LOTUS-Simulator or the tools in the Steam Library --> Settings

    pasted-from-clipboard.png - In the tab "Betas" in the Dropdown menu select the NightlyBuilds. Steam does everything else.

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