Scenery object parameters?

  • Hi folks!

    Is there any way to add parameters to a scenery object, which has some effect on the object but can be edited in the Map editor? What I mean is something like in OMSI, like the trees or other objects - there was an object properties pop-up window where you could set a named variable. This variable was handled in the scripts.

    I was looking for something like that in the content tool but I couldn't find any.

    What I'm planning to do is a temporary kind of traffic signals for trains, but since I have about 18 different kind of signals, and each has 2-5 light combinations, it'd be great if I didn't have to reimport all of them, only the main models (like all of the signals with 2 lights, 3 lights...etc, and later I could "select" in the map editor which signal I want, how many lights and so on).

  • Yes it is possible. You just have to put a $ before the variable and it will get visible. Then you can use it as normal


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  • I have some problems with this. I made the objects, they work fine in the content tool. If I place them and set the "initial variables...", they change. But if I save the map and open it in the game (or close the editor and re-open), the model "forgets" this setting. Though if I open the init variables again, I can see my altered values.

    Is there any point I'm missing, or it's not implemented (yet?) in the game to save these settings?

  • What could be, when I think about it, is that eventually only string-variables works. Try to make a string-variable and then, if the string-variable does contain for example On, the script activates another variable.

    Like this: (It could be some errors, it is just to show you, I wrote it on the mobile phone)


    :subway: Projekt Wiener U-Bahn [WIP] :subway:

  • I'm sorry, actually I made a huge mistake. I accidentally initialized the variables in the script itself (because I though they get spawned first with those values and THEN get the parameters from the map).

    So there's nothing wrong with the map editor, it works well with integers and singles as well.