2 Monitors resolution

  • I've installed my 2nd monitor but how I can change the resolution ingame? with 1 it was 1920 x 1080 now 3840 x 1080. What I see now is the tram's dashboard in the middle of the 2 monitors. I also use the windowed mode?


    I love :lotus:.

  • You have to set your Monitor Settings from Span (makes two sepearate monitors to one big Monitor) to Seperate and individual Monitors. (Windows or Graphic Card Control Center)

    Then Lotus will Run on your Main Monitor only.

  • So you want to use both monitors as a single one, but with a custom View/Camera Position?

    Thats not Possible at the Moment, cause all Views are fixed. You can only Pan the Camera around, but can not change the Camera Position in the View.