DIY game controllers (dashboards, steering wheels, levelers...etc)

  • I think I'm not the only one who's hobby is to build game controllers from scratch and real vehicle parts. So I was thinking maybe there should be a thread on this topic where anyone can show his/her projects. I hope it's not a problem to upload full size pictures instead of thumbnails, this way it's more spectacular.

    My first project was a gearbox leveler, made from an old joystick, some wood and a real gearbox "button" from a bus scrapyard:

    To use it (mostly in OMSI) I used XPadder, later I used Auto Hot Key (this way I can specify it more precisely, which is handy because the joystick is not working that great).

    Later on I hooked up my Ikarus dashboard to an Arduino DUE, so at least it's buttons and switches can be used in OMSI. Also I built a steering wheel for it (from a Logitech DFGT and some cogwheels)

    A year ago I got myself a Knorr D2 brake leveler (mostly used in Hungarian locomotives) and hooked it up with a potentiometer (that was the tricky part) and an Arduino Leonardo.

    Last summer I decided to build the throttle leveler of a Budapester suburban railway train (made by West German manufacturer LEW), but since there are nothing available from them (because they are all in service) I had to improvise and build it from nothing but a stapler and some wood:

    It's actually working pretty well. Its heart is also an Arduino Leonardo.

    This year I started working on underground (metro) stuff. There are some parts from the old russian metro cars we used for 40+ years, but they are very rare, so for my MMZ Ev (Hungarian version of the Metrowagonmash E type, aka 81-702) controller I also had to improvise. After all I modelled the parts in SketchUp and then a friend of mine 3D printed them. Later I got myself a real label:

    A few weeks ago I bought a real metro dashboard part from a flea market (actually it was very cheap, €10 for two pieces). They are from type Ev3 (similar to the russian Ezh3 or 81-502 types).