Dashboard and LOTUS

  • Hello, I will buy the game soon, and I will be buying a VDV dashboard, as you saw with omsi, the button are recognizable like a normal keyboard key, but I was worried about the tachograph, have you implemented something to interface with the arduino? or does someone need to create like a plugin to extract the speed from the game and send it to the arduino? About the last question about the plugin, is it still possible like in omsi? or the new system doesn't allow it?

    Thanks. Keep you work going, you are making a fantastic game already!

  • Janine

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  • Copied from the home page:

    "Hardware interface
    LOTUS is able to handle the most different input devices - from keyboard and mouse up to game controller, pedals or steering wheel. But if all this is still not enough, one can plug in its self-made driver's desk and control it with original component parts."

    So I think an interface is planned by the developers. Wait out!;)