Feature request - regenerate whole map terrain

  • I have a feature request for you guys: it'd be pretty useful if there was a way to regenerate the terrain of the whole map. Not only the middle one but all.

    Too many times I face with the issue that I regenerate the tiles (click all over the map, wait for loading them...etc), it looks OK, then in game (or after exiting and restarting the editor) there are generation fails, like polygons missing from fences, walls, roads...etc, I guess at tile borders. These things are usually not visible at the generation (because the whole spline is "generated" visually if you place it, but that doesn't mean that all needed polygons are really saved) and it's very time consuming to fix all problems.

    I know a feature like this wouldn't be used every minute ( know it could take several minutes at a bigger map), but it would be very useful, for example before sending a map to beta testers or uploading a map as a whole.

    Asides from that, is there any way to plot all used splines and objects, not just tracks? Just to know what WS packages are actually used by the map.