• Hi! I found bugs with this one type of rails when they cross each other. I laid them without no problem but when they cross each other this bug appears:

    Here's the name of rails i used

    That's all i think! Bye for now!

    Unofficial LOTUS tester

  • Hello Janine and Marcel Kuhnt i think i found why this bug is happening. I did a test with default tracks and the same bug happened

    But when i change the quality of the tracks from Froggy rough to just Rough bug is "fixed

    well mostly since there are some holes there but now that bug is gone. If you want i can make a different thread for this since this "bug" happens with any other tracks with "Froggy" quality. I hope you will put this as a bug to be fixed. Good bye for now!

    "Edit" This keeps happening randomly. Idk why. ?/

    Unofficial LOTUS tester

  • Hey

    dein Hauptproblem liegt darin das die beiden kreuzenden Gleise nicht auf einer Höhe sind. Das Herzstück selbst wird zwischen beiden Höhen mittig generiert. Da wirst du eine der beiden Stränge nochmal in der Höhe an den anderen anpassen müssen damit es so aussieht wie es soll

    [ENG translation]


    your maijor problem is both crossing tracks are not on the same level. The heart itself is generated in the middle between the two heights. You will have to adjust the height of one of the two strands to the other so that it looks the way it should

    Greets Otrivan

  • Thanks for your reply Otrivan! But now my only question is why did it change back to normal when i changed the quality of rails from Froggy Rough to just Rough??

    Unofficial LOTUS tester

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