LOTUS Map Editor - Best practices (Gute Praktiken)

  • :flag_gb: Hi,

    I allow myself to create this subject if, among the creators of maps based on the real one there would be advice to pass on to us.

    I think that there must certainly be this type of request in German except .. that not everyone necessarily speaks it.

    When I speak of "good practices", it is essentially on the subject of aligning a road on a map and affixing the tram rails or road there, for example.

    Can even be done on a part of the road to see an intersection in order to explain (by means of a video for example).

    If my request exists, I apologize in advance.


    :flag_ger: (Übersetzung)

    Best regards / Meilleures salutations / Mit freundlichen Grüßen


  • Hello Abdou!

    That's an important topic you are talking about! For that purpose, we are using the lexicon, where you can find already a few tutorials about constructing in the MapEdtior (one of them is still only in German, I added it here anyway):

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